This is the official white paper of the Meme Alliance Token and project.
Meme Alliance is a GameFI ecosystem currently in development. The mission statement of Meme Alliance is to connect Meme communities in one ecosystem.
Just Imagine Pepe, Shib, Volt, Doge, Elmo, and more, battling each other and creating alliances through networking.
The developers of Meme Alliance, the ElmoERC team (including a full stack developer) have over 15 years of experience in various crypto projects in the space. We possess the skills and know-how required to build a successful project.
As our flagship game, Meme Alliance will be a high-quality, on-chain, first-person shooter (FPS) developed in Unreal Engine 5. Communities like PEPE, SHIB, BONE, ELMO, VOLT, and many more will be thrown onto the battlefield in an epic battle for victory and reward.
On-chain integrations include a wallet connect feature to connect to the actual game client and an in-game and web-browser-based marketplace. In addition, players can earn multiple tokens through competitions making Meme Alliance a true play-to-earn (P2E) game.
Meme Alliance is not just a First Person Shooter game. It will also provide unique features that allow communities to play the “lottery”, support burning their currency, and use reward pools (staking). *Additional staking pools will be provided.
Staking $MMA would give you the option to earn other meme coins such as $PEPE, $SHIB, $BONE, or $LEASH. The Meme Alliance Ecosystem will provide memecoin communities with the ability to use their native token. In this way, we provide true and strong utility to multiple projects at once. The main tokens used by the Meme Alliance Ecosystem are ($ELMO) and ($MMA).
Let's unite the power of memecoins into one inclusive ecosystem; Meme Alliance!